Shoose&Co. gathers your ideas and translates them
into actual business projects in the world of footwear
and accessories.

We deal with established brands, big international
companies, but also startups and emerging brands.

The benefit of working with us is the continuous dialogue
and exchange, along with access to our knowledge
of the world of footwear and accessories, at every level.

We do this to make our expertise available to others
and to create new business opportunities in the footwear
industry, our world that needs to keep
growing and progress with the times.

Our mission
is your project.

We are committed
to the best result.

Our vision is to
choose the future.
The path to success requires a first step.
We want to become the partners and makers of the
success of your brand. Your accomplishments are
our priceless gift.
That’s why we want to keep growing and exploring
to deliver the best products out of our consultancy
and thanks to the strategic choice
of partners worldwide.
We create progress step after step by moving
forward together.
Choice is beautiful, we are pursuing growth.

We’re a new generation
knows tradition

Shoose&Co. is the result of three generations of footwear entrepreneurs, boasting more than 50 years of history through different business experiences.

The Bagante family has explored every single aspect of the footwear business – design, production, trading – for both our own brands and third companies.

Nowadays, the family skills and experties are gathered in a company that offers his clients a thorough service, for either long-term projects or very specific activities.