Factory sourcing

Strategic sourcing and scouting of potential suppliers in Italy, Europe and Asia.
Proposal and selection of factories according to client needs, business model, product type, price – performance ratio and production flexibility required.

Production planning

Support in production planning and industrialisation activities according to specific time-to-market needs.

Sourcing components & materials

Research and development of custom-designed components, accessory and materials. Fast visual and physical prototyping. 

Shoe and accessories design

Conception, design, planning and realisation of shoes and accessories collections.

Prototyping development

Realisation of both protoypes for project planning (‘maquettes’) and operational functioning prototypes.

Fit testing

Product engineering to satisfy fit and comfort needs and to improve the user experience,in accordance with widespread world standards.

Quality control

Quality control activities – product quality control with both intermediate and final inspection of the production process on the basis of SGS international standards. Quality assurance activities – quality control of production processes with immediate effect on product quality.


Support in planning and managing the logistics of sample delivery and production, supervising and managing the relationships with suppliers. 

Tailor made solutions for specific needs of price range and value perception.

In order to do so, we work with different districts based in:


Our production

A matter of choice

We have developed
solutions for:

The ones who turn to Shoose&Co. are international entities that want to access the Italian footwear system.

Thanks to a 50 years worth of experience in the field and a deep knowledge of cluster areas of excellence, such as the one of Riviera del Brenta, we are able to offer our partners turn-key solutions.


Our own brand, handled in every aspect.


Collaboration as service provider for
Onitsuka Tiger Made in Italy project. Product
Engineering, Factory Selection, Quality
Assurance and Quality Control.


Collaboration with FEBOS (European distributor and
VF R&D partner) in designing women’s shoe collection.
Strategic analysis aimed at the renovation of the brand
image in the feminine shoe department.